Thursday, January 9, 2014

The final votes for the 2014 Cooperstown baseball Hall of Fame inductees were announced today, and the accompanying ballot shows that of the seven players I felt to be worthy of the honor, only TWO made it.

 Those two are Atlanta pitchers Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux.

Hell, what do I know? I never drew any of the ones I voted for, except the two afore mentioned. Here they are.

I confess, I should have voted for the big hurt, Frank Thomas, the behemoth Chicago White Sox first baseman. He certainly had the numbers. Maybe it’s because I seldom saw the American League after moving to a National League city. Or maybe it’s my hatred of the crosstown Chicago Flubbies carried over to the south side of Windy City.

Craig Biggio, the Houston Astro second baseman, fell two votes short. One of those could have been mine. I refuse to vote for a guy who cheats, as Biggio did with all that armor on his arm, so he could get hit with pitches and trot to first base as a result. He made no attempt to avoid getting hit and actually stuck that arm out further, inducing the ball to smack him.

That, my friends, is against the rules and umpires should be calling that shit a ball, but they don’t. I once asked umpire John McSherry about that, and he skirted around the question, never answering it.

Three of my votes, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Roger Clemens, were left off because so many voters dismissed them due to their steroid use. To me those guys had the numbers long before they juiced. Jeff Bagwell is also suspected of bulking up, although I voted for him.

I still think Jack Morris had all the numbers, except for a high ERA of 3.90 to get in, but he missed again in his final year of eligibility, so he’s history.

 Here’s the list:

555 Greg Maddux 97.2%
525 Tom Glavine 91.9%
478 Frank Thomas 83.7%
427 Craig Biggio 74.8%
355 Mike Piazza 62.2%
351 Jack Morris 61.5%
310 Jeff Bagwell 54.3%
263 Tim Raines 46.1%
202 Roger Clemens 35.4%
198 Barry Bonds 34.7%
171 Lee Smith 29.9%
167 Curt Schilling 29.2%
144 Edgar Martinez 25.2%
119 Alan Trammell 20.8%
116 Mike Mussina 20.3%
87 Jeff Kent 15.2%
67 Fred McGriff 11.7%
63 Mark McGwire 11.0%
58 Larry Walker 10.2%
47 Don Mattingly 8.2%
41 Sammy Sosa 7.2%
25 Rafael Palmeiro 4.4%
6 Moises Alou 1.1%
6 Hideo Nomo 1.1%
5 Luis Gonzalez 0.9%
2 Eric Gagne 0.4%
2 J.T. Snow 0.4%
1 Armando Benitez 0.2%
1 Jaque Jones 0.2%
1 Kenny Rogers 0.2%
0 Sean Casey 0.0%
0 Ray Durham 0.0%
0 Todd Jones 0.0%
0 Paul Lo Duca 0.0%
0 Richie Sexson 0.0%
0 Mike Timlin 0.0%

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